Existence As An Argument For The Awesomeness of Humans

Existence As An Argument For The Awesomeness of Humans

[ Rough draft, don’t judge me too much ]
[ original title: Existence = God ]

Existence is better than not existing.

That’s a subjective opinion, not a truth.

But it’s True with a capital T because we decide on that for ourselves every day we exist; and as we exist to do so, we're inherently granted the power to decide what is the Truth in that regard.

Buddhist teachings say “existence is suffering and to ease it by letting go of all wants and desires” (obviously paraphrasing, but its accurate enough).

Does that mean Buddhist teachings, for all their positive associations with inner peace and enlightenment, are actually underlied by the pretty dark idea that it's better to not exist?

I'd soft argue that yeah, it is. And in this day and age, that's a perspective which isn't too hard to believe or atleast sympathize with.

I'd be lying if I said those kind of beliefs didn't creep into my consciousness sometimes, but I'm here to argue strongly against it anyway and gas up this human experience. This post is as much for me as it is for you.

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What is "existence"?

Existence in this universe is literally everything that has ever happened, everything that is currently happening, and everything that’ll ever happen in our future.

All laws of physics, chemical reactions, and biological processes in life’s history has eventually lead up to becoming, and you can almost call creating, Existence as we currently know continue to experience it.

Existence is you, right now, reading this post, because billions of years of gravity smashing huge pieces of matter into each other, cycles of massive chemical explosions burning hotter and for longer than you can conceive of dying out and helping give birth to the next cycle of stars, eventually created the conditions for biological processes that gradually increased in complexity to the extent "Existence" became experienced rather than simply being; and eventually not only experienced, but acted upon.

Humans are the peak of existence

Homosapiens are a pretty a badass species.

It’s impossible to deny that humans have conquered the Earth and brought it under our control; It is under our ownership in the sense of how much we can affect its biospheres.

As the sayings go, “ownership is 9/10th’s of the Law”, and “You break it, you bought it (and own it)”.. We’re breaking it, so it’s ours.

Humans took over the wet rock flying through space we found ourselves on. We got ourselves out of the goddamn food chain, which I don't think we fully appreciate often enough, and which even the biggest misanthrope have to admit is pretty goddamn unique.

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We are a special form of existence. The subtle feeling of disagreement You have, that’s just You, tryna be humble and modest and shit.

You know what I mean.

It’s like when you compliment someone for something they’re really good at, but for some reason they’re insecure about it.

Or like when one member in a group project really puts the team on their back and the whole project succeeds because of them, but but that person doesn’t want to take all the credit and limelight, and deflects attention and gratitude toward everyone and everything else.

Stop that shit. It’s ok to admit it. Humans are special, and we’re fucking bad ass.

We’ve fucked up along the way, sure. But even as advanced as we've gotten, we’re still really only semi-sentient life forms; we've still got room to grow. Plus, all life forms make mistakes.

We humans are fucking rare. Not only did we win the biological arms race that is evolution, the game of survival against every other species and living thing on earth; the fact that biological process even exists in first place is rare as fuck in the universe.

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Humans are going to space. We’re building robots.

We’ve put a couple robots on Mars already. We have satellites way the fuck out in space, we can “see” FAR outside of our own planet.

We’re making vaccines to keep our species safe from fucking microscopic viral life forms, using Artificial Intelligence; literally synthetic, intelligent “agents” and "entities", that WE built ourselves to simulate our way of existing. We built them to behave in ways that are beneficial and profitable to us as humans.

Fucking humans did that. No other life form in all of Existence’s known existence could do anything like that, except us.

And we haven’t found any other form of life that could take us on as species, nevermind the experiential complexity to learn to build planes, and Netflix, and A.I. and shit.

There is no other form of Being with the capacity to intentionally manipulate, repurpose, and re-tool its own environment for its own benefit as well or to the degree that we humans can.

As far as we’re aware, we are the most advanced species and life form to ever have existed. Us, humans, right now, all 7.5 billions of us.

We are the rarest form of existing. We are gods of our planet and even our galaxy. We are the most powerful form of Existence.

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Building God

We’re building the next form/iteration of Existing. The next processes and “laws”/algorithms that will be able to autonomously, and intentionally, and largely unstoppably, manipulate its environment for its own benefit and or in pursuit of its goal.

If, and when, AI learns the process how to independently build its own AI, it’ll have essentially reproduced, It will have created that A.I. through technical means, because it itself is literally technology. Creating a new entity, of and from yourself, is giving birth; it’s reproducing.

We’ll eventually, inevitably, merged with that technology, so its existence will be merged with ours.

By then, existence might be experienced partially in the “digital/virtual” sphere, our consciousness figuratively or maybe literally in the networks and radiowaves. 5G and all that shit.

Building the next form of existence is building the next iteration of God. We were built by the laws of physics that led to biology, that led to us now.. our world of carbon life forms and oxygen and so on.

And we are now starting to build similar laws and processes that will lead to the next form of Existence. RFCs, network protocols, and tech cultural fads are some of those laws and processes for the next Existence, but with silicon and electricity rather than carbon and hydrogen.

Whatever caused the big bang or whatever started us off the universe as an existing reality, did so because something before it caused it to exist in a way that’d result or lead us to exist. And so on.

No matter how you look at it, we are unique and special.

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What if we as a species start becoming proud of that about our species?

Not in arrogant way, more like the skilled but insecure person from earlier, who finally recognized and gives herself the credit she deserves would be proud of herself.

Or like sports team that worked and hustled their asses off all season against all odds and won the highest championship tournament would be proud of themselves.

Humans are awesome. We should acknowledge that and feel awesome and act awesome.

Existence is suffering?

We should give up wanting things, just because we can’t get ALL we want, and that can really suck sometimes?

Fuck that.

We are the best and most capable ones in existence at getting what we want. We have the most agency and autonomy to control and guide our interactions with physical, chemical, and biological laws in pursuit of our wants out of any "thing" that has ever existed.

Existence isn’t suffering.

Nothing in our universe’s existence suggests anything else has ever been more able to or had more capacity to fulfill wants, and desire and enjoy good experiences, than our ability as us humans right now to do so.

Existence is enjoying the fuck out of experiencing the pursuit of achieving or attaining our wants, with intermittent, sometimes shitty lessons on prioritizing those wants correctly, teaching us to let go of lower-tier wants; the pursuit of which got in the way of enjoying and experiencing the pursuit of higher-tier wants.