My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

Hey there, welcome to my new blog. There ain’t shit here yet, cuz I just started.

I know right? Fucking finally. I’ve been procrastinating on doing this for a long time. I’ve got a million ideas and little brainstorm notes and random scribbles to turn into articles, but none of them have materialized.

Recently I’ve recognized that my part of my issue with starting is not being quite sure where to start. I want this blog to cover as wide a variety of topics as my thoughts, which gives me a ton of potential article ideas, but also leaves me unsatisfied when trying to start the first blog post diving into some topic out of fuckin no where.

It feels awkward, forced, and my internal critic/supporter tells me I can do much better than whatever tf this attempt at words is. So I’d erase it, decide to start over, and go back to overthinking what the hell my first post should be about.

Fuck over thinking though, I’m over it.

So Fuck it, this is my first post. It’s a blog post about my struggle of making my first blog post.

Yeah I know this is stupid. It’s supposed to suck. I am writing this with the intention of it being a waste of time to read.

I don’t even know why you’re still even here reading this, to be honest. Get a fuckin life loser, there’s way cooler shit you could be doing.

But while you’re here, I guess I’ll tell you what this blog’s going to be about:

Me, obviously. What else what I write about?

Besides all the glorious literary masterpieces waiting to be produced about that, this blog is also going to cover the following topics:

  • Tech and CyberSecurity Shit
  • Philosophical Shit
  • Political Shit
  • Psychology & Neuroscience Shit
  • Psychoactive Substances related Shit
  • My Personal Hot Takes.. n shit

I might expand on this list later, but that should about cover it for now.

And that’s the climactic end of this blog post.

I’ll take my Pulitzer now, you can head on out of here till my next post, see you soon.



...seriously though wtf are you still doing here reading this stupid post?