My First Acts as U.S. President

My First Acts as U.S. President
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This is very much a "work-in-progress" and "subject to future changes" type of post. If you want perfect grammar and neatly organized thoughts, here's a link for you that you'll probably like better: https://dictionary.comNerd... ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜’
  1. Nationalize Amazon/Whole Foods Conglomerate and Food Delivery Services
  • We have the infrastructure and capacity to make sure no one goes hungry, but we don't use it. Our society decided it's more important that Jeff Bezos adds more to his hoard of some $200,000,000,000 instead.

  1. End the Drug War
  • Decommission the incompetent Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). There's more drugs more readily available and more overdoses now than there was 50 years ago when the agency started. That's a failure in every sense of the word: policy, administrative, financially, pragmatically, and moral to name a few.
  • Divert all Federal funds and incentives towards healthcare, rehabilitation and harm-reduction based approaches
  • Pardon all non-violent drug offenders immediately, pardon all drug offenders who have served 10-15 years; incentive State govts to do the same

  1. Demand a Justice Department investigation of the Sackler family (of Purdue pharmaceuticals wealth) seeking imprisonment for both the family, Purdue's board, and it's controlling shareholders. Also quietly pardon El Chapo and his wife
  • Chapo was a poor farmer who played the capitalist game and won; for that the silver spooned capitalists are torturing him in a supermax prison in Colorado bc he's not one of the "designated" elite. There's no half assing in cartel life, once he made that decision there was no going back.
  • The Sacklers knew exactly what they were doing: lying to the public, the medical industry, and Congress; purposely and knowingly getting the country addicted to it's opioids, placing profit over lives, and ate responsible for the opiate crisis of the last 2 decades. They had a chance to stop it every step of the way with zero consequences, but didn't. They decided to make the choice to continue over and over, even with no repercussions for stopping, and would have continued had a lawsuit not forced them to dissolve the company and pay a bit of money without admitting wrong doing. All of them remain free. A single choice pressured by the realities of environmental factors should not be punished with torture while the same choices made repeatedly and influenced only by greed is allowed to walk free.